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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dog Sightings

Ok, here's a close-up of our blog namesake. This is my sloppy hand at Printshop. Alas, it's all I have now.

I am an (almost) equal opportunity dog lover though. Jaya and Tramp (R.I.P.) will always be top dogs, but there are so many beautiful mutts (my favorite breed) in this world. When I'm at work and I need to distress, I like smiling at these dogs...

Jayadeva's Dog Sightings

Darwin Wiggett has a natural gift for capturing the canine and a nice way with humans too! I emailed him for permission to post a few of his photos here and he wrote back right away saying, "I am flattered, thanks for the link!" So, here are a few of my favs, along with a link to more. Thanks, Darwin!

Adoption Sites

Beware - These next two sites may create the STRONG urge to adopt!Newsflash for Adopt-A-Dog...This September 10th, 2006, is their 19th Annual Puttin' on the Dog Show and Festival! It's held at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich, CT, from 10AM to 5PM. My sister, a.k.a. T-

Rex's mom, will be volunteering, along with her three human kids (she promises to send us pictures). Adopt-A-Dog promises, "Bring your entire family and pets to enjoy a howlin' good time."

http://adopt-a-dog.org/ and

Now this next one is a real tear-jerker of an adoption site. You've been warned: http://ny-petrescue.org/. Look at beautiful Blue, their Pet Rescue's Dog of the Week!

Little Boy Blue could be Jaya's cousin! Here's an excerpt from his profile:

Blue is a beautiful Blue Merle Heeler. He is 1 year old and around 40 lbs. He is very smart, and has mastered "sit" and "stay" especially when you offer him treats. He sleeps through the night on his doggie bed...is housetrained...very affectionate and likes lots of attention from his people....likes to sit and cuddle with you at night.

Dogs on T.V.

The Puppy Channel, as featured on This American Life (http://www.thislife.org/) , "Starting from Scratch," 3/7/03, Episode 233:

Next is the number one "dog sight" of them all. I was so tempted to get Nature's DOGS: THE EARLY YEARS DVD, that I went so far as to become a WNET Thirteen member, so I'd qualify for the discount. Haven't gotten the DVD though, yet. I'm feel I'm getting my money's worth just checking it on this site once a day:

Fun and Fans

On the lighter side, there's the official site of Mutts, my favorite comic strip (obviously) :
www.muttscomics.com . Here, they have great, free screensavers and desktop drawings.

Here's a new site I just found. It's a "fanlisting" for Mixed Breeds. Haven't perused it too extensively, but the Home Page is beautiful:

Please let me know if there are any other sites that are worth highlighting!


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