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Friday, September 28, 2007

Fall Performance Line-Up

I must say that I think it's very ironic that I went the whole summer without seeing one free concert in any participating park throughout this great city within which I now reside and now that Fall is here, I'm paying for a great many performances - that I'm crazy looking forward to!

Through WFUV's Member Line, I won tickets to see Erin McKeown this Thursday, October 4th. She's playing at someplace called The Blender at Gramercy on 23rd St. I've never heard of it and really hope it's not general admission, but I'm betting it is. If you've only just heard of Erin McKeown, you probably know her beautiful Deco-Jazzy sounding, double-entendre ditty, "Blackbirds." It's a quite beautiful example of her vocal style, humor and intelligence.

Then we go to Carnegie Hall's Zankel to see the first performance of WFUV's City Folk Series, Cowboy Junkies on October 20th. Ironically, I subscribed to these 4 concert series for my all-time favorite singer-songwriter, Dar Williams and then we got invited to go to my husband's co-worker's wedding that night. Aye, burn. However, because of my digging in the internet for Dar tickets, I learned about this amazing series that's bringing us to the Junkies and Joan Osborne (March 7th), who I much prefer live and on someone named Josh Rouse (April 18th), who I never heard of, but if FUV recommends him, he's probably pretty great.

Oh, and if you like good, cheap music, don't miss Housing Works Bookstore's Outdoor Sale . It's September 29th from 10-6pm. They write, "Housing Works is very happy to announce the third annual Open Air Book Fair on Crosby St. (between Broadway and Lafayette) at Prince Street. We have tens of thousands of books, records and CDs marked down to a dollar! A sale you can’t afford to miss!" I'm very excited, because earlier this year I found Matt Costa's Songs We Sing and Tori Amos' Strange Little Girls there for $5. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can buy for 1/5 the price. I'm guessing I should get there pretty early.

Then, of course, there's Title Trader, which has just about dethorned Half.com as my favorite way to procure new music. The best thing about Title Trader is that it's essentially an egalitarian system, whereby you can trade in the old paperback you're not planning on rereading, earn a point and then use that point to request the cd you've been pining for. It a free service and easy to very navigate. Highly recommended!

Ok, end of tangent, what's next on my entertainment calendar? Oh yes, in late October, The Daily Show! I'm so excited. I got rid of cable when my husband moved in, so as not to enable his Law & Order addiction and now I so truly lament missing my Daily Show! This will be my 2nd time going to see Jon Stewart. The first was a year or two ago and I had the unfortunate experience of suffering though Hannity and Colmes as the guest appearance. I think the next day they had Alec Baldwin or someone equally funny. But, alas, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and I had like the greatest time ever there. Stewart is crazy personable and the studio audiance is small and intimate. The tickets are free, but you have to request them way in advance. Do it! Do it now!

Next, December 15th, my husband bought us tickets to see our favorite Lutheran, Garrison Keillor in Prairie Home Companion at Town Hall.

Now, if we can only swing Saturday Night Live tickets again this year, I'll be truly blessed! I also wanted to see Matisyahu at Roseland for his Second Annual Festival of Light and The Shins at Terminal 5, but I'm not sure how much more money I have to burn on music. Especially, because I was such a slouch for missing all that free music this summer - I feel a little guilty. Alas, this I truly truly wanted to see Rufus Wainwright with another new fav, A Fine Frenzy, but again I was taken aback by the ticket price. I've seen Rufus before also and it was in a really small bar in Providence and I think I may have been disappointed by the throngs and the outdoor summer heat. Maybe that's the real reason I missed all those summer stage shows. What about you? Anyone? Anyone? echo echo... Much love and well wishes for a super, musical Autumn and beyond!


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