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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Animal Movie Stars

I met this horse this week in Borough Hall, where he was busying getting ready for a supporting role in an Adam Sandler, Kevin James movie.

Appartently, the horse and actor/policeman (see below) have to break up a crowd of homophobic protesters, who object to the two guys getting hitched.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hanging Out

This is Dela, 8mts, hanging out with her folks, below a Union Street stoop.

These are her folks, Sean and Alexa.

Dan and I met them, walk to the bus, from the Park Slope Food Coop, thinking about how many cute dogs we'd seen hanging out with their people on this lovely Saturday. This is what Jaya was doing while we were out.

How pitiful (I mean the paint chips coming off the tub)! Jaya looks cozy, yes, but I think she'd rather be with us, outside in the sun.

Anyone ever use a Burley Trailer on their bike to cart their pooches around? I'm trying to think of ways of including Jaya in our day trips...

Ok, one more of cute Dela!

Thanks to Sean and Alexa for letting Dela be featured here!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Love Story in Sunset Park

This is Max.

Max loves Jaya.

Jaya likes Max, but Max is never allowed out of his little cement yard, so they don't get to really play.

I encourage whatever contact they can achieve.

I love Max.
Jaya's not as impressed.

Dogs Welcome

Walking down 7th Ave in Park Slope last night, after a delicious run-in with the Cocoa Bar (http://www.cocoabarnyc.com/index2.html) Dan and I passed by 7th Avenue Books. I had to stop-in and say thanks, after reading this very friendly sign on the door.

This is why Park Slope is such a breath of fresh air. I love seeing 7th and 5th Ave stores with their dog bowls filled with cold water on a hot summer days, or dogs chilling with their guardians outside of Ozzy's, or the Tea Lounge. Park Slope, dubbed "Dog Slope" by some, is just a great place for dog lovers, and the dogs who love them.

The man behind the counter at 7th Avenue Books, Michael (below), was kind enough to introduce me to the owner and direct me to his own blog: http://hopelessabandon.livejournal.com.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dogs in Transit

Most of us know that the NYC subway system is a diverse place for people, but it is a sadly discriminatory venue for other mammels. I love to catch dog owners who manage to smuggle their sweet pups onto the ride home - thereby avoiding extra car carbon and extra expediatures of cash.

I love that this dog sneaked into the Subway. Her/his people were so nice. I think they said that their car broke down and they had to take the train. Our train was coming, so I was in a bit of a rush to capture their lovely little family.

If I could bring Jaya on the train, my life would be so much easier! Anyone lobbying for a change of these puppy-prosecutory laws? Or, is it a necessary evil to protect us, and our dogs, from all the unfriendly-Fidos out there (no offense to anyone named Fido, or course).

Saturday, September 02, 2006



I'm writing this post from up in Goshen, CT, where I'm dog-sick, a.k.a. missing Jaya. We're at a beautiful lake and I'm thinking about how much she'd love it here.


Not being able to bring Jaya along on our holidays, is the only visible downside to not having a car in the city.

Now, I will illustrate what a Dog-Sick dog owner does on her vacation. Finds surrogate dogs! They project some sunshine into the dark vacuum left by her lack of fur. Here are the sweet surrogates I found!

Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs!

(Ironically, one of their human companions is originally from Park Slope!)

On our left is Gypsey and to his left, against the wall, is Duffy.

Aren't they beautiful? As I've stated, I'm really a give me a mutt, or give me a cat kinda girl, but I can definitely appreciate a gorgeous, sweet pure-bred.

Sadly, Gypsey and Duffy's parents informed us that they are only expected to live to age 7, when Bernese Mountain Dogs usually die of lung cancer.

Well, I'm happy to be home now. Dan and I had a great time in Goshen with my family-of-origin, but we're really glad to be reunited with our furry family here in Brooklyn.