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Saturday, September 02, 2006



I'm writing this post from up in Goshen, CT, where I'm dog-sick, a.k.a. missing Jaya. We're at a beautiful lake and I'm thinking about how much she'd love it here.


Not being able to bring Jaya along on our holidays, is the only visible downside to not having a car in the city.

Now, I will illustrate what a Dog-Sick dog owner does on her vacation. Finds surrogate dogs! They project some sunshine into the dark vacuum left by her lack of fur. Here are the sweet surrogates I found!

Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs!

(Ironically, one of their human companions is originally from Park Slope!)

On our left is Gypsey and to his left, against the wall, is Duffy.

Aren't they beautiful? As I've stated, I'm really a give me a mutt, or give me a cat kinda girl, but I can definitely appreciate a gorgeous, sweet pure-bred.

Sadly, Gypsey and Duffy's parents informed us that they are only expected to live to age 7, when Bernese Mountain Dogs usually die of lung cancer.

Well, I'm happy to be home now. Dan and I had a great time in Goshen with my family-of-origin, but we're really glad to be reunited with our furry family here in Brooklyn.


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