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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dogs of the Farmer's Market

Part One of an ongoing series.

I discovered this sweet Sheltie at the New York City Greenmarket at Borough Hall in Brooklyn. Her human companion works as a dog trainer for films and said she was trying to get her in movies. I hope she keeps us informed!

This is a picture of the beautiful wares we were all eyeing. My thanks to Ted, Dan & Nate King of Rexcroft Farm for letting me shoot their hydroponic produce.

Dan King who runs the 400 acre Rexcroft Farm in Athens, New York ( Greene County) is the seventh generation of his family to farm... Their greenhouses provide year round production of hydroponic vegetables as well as flowers which they sell through the New York City Greenmarket at Borough Hall in Brooklyn and at Bowling Green in downtown Manhattan...The farm is not organic but their vegetables are ecologically grown and their flowers are "low spray" i.e., grown with far fewer pesticides than the norm.

description adapted from: http://www.catskillmtn.org/past/festivals/2002_mcf/farms_festival.html


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