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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Erin McKeown!

I had the express pleasure of experiencing this awesome lady with her swinging band last night at the Blender Theater at Gramercy. Her opener (was it Joshua James?) was a bit of a downer, but he made it just that more exciting to see Erin McKeown explode onto the stage. I found Erin personable, funny, with delightfully different arrangements for her recorded music. She also confidently displayed some new material. The band and the crowd all loved her and we gave her a standing ovation. I stood first and didn't stop clapping until she came back on stage for an encore.


Slung lo
White City
Rhode Island Is Famous for You
Lullaby 3/4
Queen of Quiet
We Are More
My Kingdom
Don't Go
You Were Right about Everything
pretty new sounding song I couldn't id


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