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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sleepy Jaya

It's been pretty cold in my apartment the past two days and my landlord is in Jordan. His 23 year old son refuses to turn on the heat, even though his wife and three young children live in the apartment above us. When I've gone to ask them to turn the heat on, I saw his wife and the kids huddled around a portable heater.

I'm very much looking forward to moving into Dan's apartment, where the heat's steaming already. Unfortunately, the renovations having been taking over 7 years. Really. Anyway, long story short, Jaya's little bed required an extra doggy blanket, because, unbelievably my thick furred friend was shivering.

I had to shoot a picture of her cuddled-up and snoozing warm. Then Dan came home and this next shot is an action photo of her looking-up as he opens the door. He was working on his apartment all day.


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