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Monday, January 14, 2008

Poor Max is now a Lucky Boy!

These pictures were taken last week on our slow, slow morning walk. As I mentioned in my post to Marjorie from WI, Jaya's doing so much better, no head tilt, no darting eyes, or vomiting. However, the poor girl's slowed down considerably and will quite often stop and sit, or even lay down, during one of her three daily walks.

As I've mentioned in several previous posts, Max, our Chinese Husky neighbor, is a wonderful friend to everyone in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, he is almost always stuck behind a pretty repressed gate.

In the picture to the right, one can see that Max is taking advantage of Jaya's new style of Chill-walking and straining his snout to the max (pardon the pun) and stretching his paw underneath his iron door. Jaya was kind enough to lay close to this barrier, but not too concerned about granting greater access.

First the bad news. Max apparently waits for any opportunity to flee. The family seems to be renting their front yard for parking spaces and unfortunately one day, someone let Max out and he ran right into one of the cars that careen down our street as if it were the BQE. Thank goodness, Max only injured one paw. If one looks closely, one may partially make out a little gauze wrapped around one of his joints.

Now for the good news. It seems Max now has a foster family! We met these 4 folks walking him (or trying not to choke him to death as he attempted to drag them) down the block. They said that one day Max escaped and joined them in the park with their Husky-mix. Once they discovered where he'd come from, the most likely Mandarin-speaking friend negotiated a fostering deal with the family.


Blogger Suet said...

Hi Jennifer,

This is really funny. I somehow came across your blog and saw pictures of "Max", your neighbor who used to have the husky dog. We(Stefan and Suet) were the folks you met that day who took him away. The 2 women with us were from a husky rescue org. They helped us with the fostering.
I thought I ought to share with you what happened to Max. We did have to change Max's name to Dagoba. He lived with us for a month and was such a great dog. Max/Dagoba just got adopted last Saturday, Feb. 23 to a home in Penn. He lives with his new owner and another husky playmate. We did get very attached to Max/Dagoba and our dog Susu is missing his buddy. But he's in a good home now. I've uploaded some video clips on youtube taken when he was with us. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 01, 2008 8:48:00 PM  

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