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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Discovering Deity in Brooklyn

Dan and I after a very tasty and fun dinner and drinks at my new, comfort-food favorite, Waterfront Ale House (155 Atlantic Avenue),

where Dan had vegetarian chilli (a medley of Beans, Grains, Vegetables and Spices. Served with Rice) and some wheat beer I didn't like and I had the tandoori veggie burger (Marinated with an Indian Spice Blend & served with Fruit Chutney) with Sweet Potato Fries (hand cut with Brown Ale Honey Mustard) and an Original Sin Cider.

For dessert, Dan and I shared an sundae made with Ben & Jerry's Beer and Donuts Ice-Cream (a tie in to the
Simpsons Movie, a stout flavored ice cream with donut chunks mixed in - thanks, Chowhound for helping me figure out the origin of this crazy, but crazy delicious delight).

Then Dan and I were walking to the D train at the Atlantic/Pacific Terminal and even though it was raining and kind of cold, we kept walking, because there's so much that is new and interesting on Atlantic Avenue.

First, we stumble upon Acorn: A Brooklyn Toy Shop (323 Atlantic Avenue) where we simply wish we had kids that we could shop for there, because buying all those beautiful toys for ourselves may seem somewhat, I don't know, would it be retro, or regressive? We saw those mobiles and I simply wanted to move into the store.

Admission: I already bought some wooden toys for myself from Magic Cabin. Ok, I really got the catalog for my nieces and nephew, but the rainbows reminded me so much of my 70's childhood - somehow soothing, you know?

Alas, I digress. We're walking down Atlantic Avenue. We see the most beautiful, inviting, yet somehow intimidating facade.

We walk in anyway, but kind of tip-toe, as it looked like a private party's going on.
It's Deity (368 Atlantic Ave) and it is the most beautiful former synagogue turned night club I've ever seen.

The inside was even more fabulous. They were welcoming and had gorgeous displays of local artistry and alcohol. Dan and I agreed that they employed very cute bartenders and waitresses too.

Unfortunately, by the time we finally walked by this lovely, ice-cream store, it was closed! However, we spent quite a while looking at the flavors board and fantasizing (Blue Marble Ice-Cream, 420 Atlantic Ave). Then, double bummed, there are these unbelievable decadent looking cupcakes staring at us from their darkened window a few doors down (Betty Bakery , 448Atlantic Avenue. Anyone who saw my 2007 Birthday Bash pictures from Perch knows how I revel in a good cupcake! (This pictures features Perch's famous "Cupcake in a Cloud" dessert.)

Finally, there's Kimera (366 Atlantic Avenue), where Dan and I were entranced by the silky, color-block gowns and the adorable mock-ups fit on a few lucky Barbies.

When we finally got to the D, we were chilly and damp on the outside, but warm and toasty on the inside, thinking how lucky we are to live here (and to be going home to our Jaya).


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