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Friday, January 25, 2008

Husky House & the Curse of Adorable Dogs

It seems there's a phenomenon of irresponsible Husky owners. So much so, that there are even devoted rescue organizations, thanks to Barbara Lukowski and friends at Husky House NYC. Barbara was kind enough to help Dan and I when we found an abandoned Husky in Sunset Park. Before I go into that story, here are more helpful links:

On March 8th, 2007, I met this beautiful puppy. He was with a random man who apparently didn't speak any English, motioned to a Husky and to Jaya and me. We'd walked over to them, because I thought it was Max. He motioned to us and walked away. I thought the Husky would follow him, thought the man was his owner, but the Husky was a puppy and simply bounded around the park without glancing at the retreating back of the man. Long story short, he came home with me and I struggled to find his owner and/or someone who could foster him. Jaya wasn't too psyched, the cat was pissed and my landlord was quite hysterical (especially because the puppy ran in through their open door, found his way into his bedroom and kissed his dog-phobic face all in the flash of an instant we turned our backs).

I didn't know what to do. Animal control was already gone for the evening and there was no answer at the ASPCA. I placed an ad at the Found Bin and on Craig's List. I received help from a lot of folks online.

Here was one response:

Hi. He may be microchipped so you should contact the NY cacc in case his owner is searching for him...but please hold onto him until someone trustworthy could foster him. Do you know if the handsome guy is neutered? If not PLEASE have him neutered before you adopt him to someone...they may use him to breed... and as you know there are too many animals dying in the shelters...so thank you for not bringing him there. Make sure you get an adoption fee of at least 200-250 to cover the cost of your neutering/feeding him. Never give an animal away for free..too many wackos out there! You did a great thing! He must love you already for saving him from the cold! Also...have you contacted "HUSKY HOUSE?" As per their name... they rescue Huskies! He is beautiful. Please let me know if you need help with anything ( low cost neutering etc)....They are neutering at the Bronx CACC for only 35.00

and unfortunately, here's an example of the other kind of response I got:

were u at i go see him

Finally, Anna, a foster parent with Husky House contacted me to say that our puppy foundling looked similar to the three 6-7 month old "owner surrenders" they'd recently encountered.

After much hard work in which we tried and failed to find him a true home, Barbara, the Husky Angel sent me the following email:

I picked up "Alan" the husky pup from the people in Sunset Park two nights ago. He is very cute and sweet. He is going to be neutered on Wednesday and microchipped, updated on shots etc. He is in a foster home in NJ with good friends of mine, their 4 female Siberians and Dragon who we believe is "Alan's" brother/littermate.

I do not know who the Brooklyn back yard breeder is. Wish I knew. I do know from the people that gave up Dragon and Shadow (who has since been adopted) that there were 8 pups in the litter one of which was all white (we think this is Malibu/Timmy who is also in foster care. He
was found as a stray on Linden St. in Brooklyn).

So if all four boys are littermates....they are the same age and look similiar that means there are still four more littermates out there somewhere :(

While writing this post, I thought I'd check-in with http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/huskyhousenyc.html to see their "Already Adopted" list and there was my puppy! Apparently his name is now Elvis and they're using the below picture I took of Puupy/Alan/Elvis in my living room.


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