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Friday, June 13, 2008

CD Jewel Case Recycling

Dan and I are FINALLY moving out of our rental and into the Sunset Home Association, where Dan has owned an apartment for over 8 years that he has slowly been renovating. So, I am going through stuff today, packing dishes, putting clothing in clean, black garbage bags and also trying to deal with the tons of CD's I've lovingly amassed through my hitherto extolled favorite sites, LaLa and Swaptree.

After my Crate and Barrel CD tower filled-up, I went onto a milk crate, which was unwieldy and hard to sort through. Now I'm finally giving it and storing my CD's and liner notes in a 3-ring notebook I bought for $.50 at Housing Works and media pages I bought on eBay.

The next challenge was to find someplace that will recycle my old plastic CD cases. First, I looked online. Here are a bunch of resources accessible by mail:

1. CD Recycling Center
Before sending then your recyclables, they'd like you to log in to tell them what to expect.
68H Stiles Rd.
Salem, NH 03079

2. Plastic Recycling Inc.
2015 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-780-6100

3. Polymer Recovery Services
1440 Norman Avenue, Santa Clara, CA
Phone: 408-748-9715

4. Data Memory Marketing
1610 Lancaster Ave, Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Phone: 800-457-7484

5. Lacerta Group Inc.
Tape Recycle Dept.
120 Southampton St.
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 617-386-8952; Fax: 617-386-8969; Email: recycle@lacerta.com

Lacerta recycles VHS cassettes, 3480 & 3490 data cartridges, 9-track computer tapes, 4 & 8 mm tapes, CDs, and CD-ROMs.

6. MRC Polymers
Phone: (773) 890-9000
Mail-in Program: 3307 S. Lawndale Ave., Chicago, IL 60623
General Info: Mail-in program for recycling of CDs and cases (jewel cases). Prior to shipping please remove all paper, film plastic, and other materials -- these are contaminants.
Plastic This vendor handles:
* #6 PS-GPPS (CD jewel cases only.)
* CD / Jewel Cases: #6 PS-GPPS
* CDs / Laser Disks - Recycle
* Polycarbonate (CDs & laser disks only.)

7. Polysource International Inc.
13505 Yorba Ave, Unit R
Chino, California 91710

They write: "Please help our cause by spreading the word on recycling CDs & Jewel cases. You can refer people you know to our website or to our address to send their CDs to. You will be doing our environment a BIG favor."

8. 3R Living
Finally, for the service I plan to use, Brooklyn's own 3R Living! My favorite, friendly, neighborhood source for recycling and recycled goods.

276L Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: (718) 832-0951
Store Hours:
Sunday thru Wednesday: 11am to 7pm
Thursday thru Saturday: 11am to 8pm
By Subway:
M or R train to Union Street. Cross over 4th Avenue at President Street.
Walk up to 5th Avenue. Make a right and walk 2.5 blocks.
The store is in the middle of the block.

They are also now in Maplewood, NJ:
147 Maplewood Avenue
across from the Maplewood Train Station
I want to thank Fort Collins, CO Recycling for leading me to the first 4, Costa County, CA for number 6 and my husband, for reminding me about number 8. 

I also found a few sites that offer some innovative solutions for your old CD cases.

A. Apartment Therapy

B. The blog, MakeZine also has some cool ideas. Here are just a couple:
* The DIY jewel case desktop calendar
* Jewel Case photo frames

C. The blog, CraftZine even shows a birdhouse made from old CD cases.

D. Blogspot's own Geekware features a lovely office supply box crafted from old jewel cases.

E. Craft Chi shows her creative solution for turning her jewel cases into specialized storage boxes.

F. How about a jewel case chandelier?


Blogger Lucy said...

Hey where did you find time to do all this research with all the moving stuff you had to do.
The chandelier is actually very reminiscent of Mammy and Tin's huge clunk your head one in Bayside.
Happy moving weekend!

Sunday, June 15, 2008 12:53:00 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Thanks! Got a stack of empties taller than me I didn't know what to do with after getting one of those binder style cd cases. I would have felt bad about throwing them away.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 10:58:00 AM  
Blogger james said...

HELLO, If you have plastic cases such as a jewel case, or a slim case, .... Post our free CD recycling poster informing people about the importance of CD recycling .

Monday, September 08, 2008 11:53:00 AM  

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